Upcoming Events

Overnight antBot Camp

Dates: July 24th-26th

This camp allows students to learn and experience even more STEM related activities than they have before in an Army Ants camp. During the 3-day, 2-night camp, students will learn how to assemble their antBot, learn all of the necessary programming skills to use their antBot, CAD (Computer Aided Design) custom accessories and 3d print them to put on their robot. Along with that, they will have the option to sandblast and powder coat their robot making it whatever color they would like (assuming the Army Ants have that color!) Finally, on the last day a challenge/game will be introduced to the students and they will have to program their robot to complete the various tasks on the field. All tasks will be within their programming knowledge that was taught during the camp.

Under Water Camp

Dates: August 7th-9th (AM or PM Session)

This 3-day camp is an opportunity for students to create a waterproof PVC robot and drive it in a pool on the last day. During the camp they will learn how to measure, cut, and glue PVC, as well as learn how to solder wire to their motor and then waterproof their motor using wax. At the pool there will be obstacles to test the robot's maneuverability and speed. Students will also get to participate in fun team building activities and they will get to swim after playing with their robot on the final day.