mBot Camp

About our mBot Camps

The Army Ants have found that using the mBot Neo robot is the perfect educational robot to teach beginning and intermittent students the fundamentals of fabricating and programming. This camp allows students to assemble their brand-new mBot Neo. Following assembly,  they learn the basics of programming, ending with a challenge on the last day of the camp incorporating all of the new programming skills they have learned from the first two days. During the camp the Ants enjoy connecting with students, learning about what their hobbies are, and encourage them to continue to try STEM related camps or classes. Below are resources that the Army Ants have created to inspire the students to continue learning with their robot once camp has finished.


Holiday Camp 2024 - Both Days

Presentation from our Holiday Camp

mBot Camp Take Home Cheat-Sheet

Army Ants mBot Camp Take Home Cheat-Sheet