2011 - C2

The 2011 FIRST FRC robotics season was the first year for the Army Ants. The team was formed in December in the Columbia Public School district. C2 was named after a senior programmer Siyuan (“C1”). The robot could follow a line and place a game piece 9 foot high during the autonomous period.  Mecanum drive allowed the robot to move sideways when aligning the game piece to the target. The use of feedback control systems using rotary encoders dates back to this first robot. C2 is still operational today, and can even be controlled by an iPod/iPhone. At the St.Louis regional, C2 won the rookie all star award, and the highest rookie seed award, with the team serving as the 6th alliance captain.  The Chief Mentor was Mr. Jim Kyd and Dr. Julie Lyman led all business, marketing and outreach activities.

Game Animation