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Team 3792, Army Ants, is a team based out of Columbia, MO. During the off-season the Army Ants run numerous outreach events including an mBot Overnight Camp, Under Water Robot Camp, and Holiday mBot Camp. These camps allow the Army Ants to connect with the community focusing on spreading STEM opportunities to underprivileged students in the area. During the build season the team meets 6 days a week (4:30PM-8:30PM M-F & 9AM-5PM Saturday) for 6 weeks working towards building a competitive robot they can compete with in March. There are three main departments on the team. These include Fabrication, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Programming. Along with building a robot, the Army Ants work hard on various awards to present at our competitions. The team also has a business and marketing team that works to maintain the logistics of the team as well as reach out to businesses for sponsorships. Each department is led by students who work with mentors to ensure first year students are properly trained. This cycle ensures team productivity during build season and that all departments have an even distribution of Army Ants. 

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